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Akbarpur | Akbarpur Junction | Akbarpur Pin Code

Akbarpur Ambedkar Nagar? Akbar Uttar Pradesh? Why is Akbarpur famous? Why is Ambedkar Nagar famous? Where is Akbarpur in UP East or West? Is Akbarpur and Ambedkar Nagar same? Which language is spoken in Ambedkar Nagar? Akbarpur Junction? Akbarpur Pin Code? Akbarpur chini mill?


Akbarpur: The administrative centre of the Ambedkar Nagar district in the state of Uttar Pradesh is located in Akbarpur, which is also a city, municipal corporation, and tehsil. It is a component of the Ayodhya division.

In India’s Uttar Pradesh state, the city and municipal board of Akbarpur are located in the Ambedkar Nagar district. Ambedkar Nagar District’s administrative centre is there. Ram Manohar Lohia, a well-known socialist politician and Indian freedom fighter, was born in Akbarpur in 1910.

Dedicated to Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar, who worked to improve the lives of the underprivileged, women, and other weaker groups within society, this district was established on September 29, 1995.

On the banks of the Tamsa River is where Akbarpur is located (also known as the Tons River). The Tamasa River separates the city of Ambedkarnagar into two sections, Akbarpur and Shahzadpur, the latter of which is the city’s commercial hub. The old palace and imambargah of Lorepur, which are both located in Akbarpur City, are well known.


It is easy to travel, and well connected between Akbarpur and the nearby cities of Lucknow, Raebareli, Sultanpur, Amethi, Azamgarh, Faizabad, Jaunpur, Varanasi, Prayagraj,Ayodhya, Pratapgarh; as well as the nearby towns of Tanda, Dostpur, Baskhari, Maharua, Haiderganj, Bhiti, Hanswar, Jalalpur, Tarun, Goshainganj and Bikapur.

Through the Agra-Lucknow and Yamuna roadways, the Purvanchal Expressway connects Akbarpur to the nation’s capital, New Delhi.

Akbarpur Junction

Akbarpur Junction: Between Varanasi, Faizabad Junction (Ayodhya Cantt), and Lucknow, there is a junction station called Akbarpur Junction. It provides service to Akbarpur City.

There are several railway stations close to Akbarpur, including Shahganj Junction (SHG), Jaunpur Junction (JNU), Goshainganj (GGJ), Malipur (MLPR), and Bilwai (BWI).

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Why is Akbarpur famous?

The Ramayana believes that Shravan Kshetra, where King Dashratha killed Dhanush Shravan Kumar, is located in Akbarpur. Here was where the sage Shringi Rishi had his ashram. The Ramayana claims that Kusha, Rama’s son, is the ruler of Shravasti.

Where is Akbarpur in UP East or West?

Akbarpur is a town in central Uttar Pradesh that is 4 miles southeast of Faizabad in the district of Kanpur.

Akbarpur Pin Code?

PIN: 224122

Which language is spoken in Ambedkar Nagar?

Hindi and Urdu are the district’s official languages. Hindi and Awadhi are the two languages most commonly spoken in the Ambedkar Nagar district.



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